No Quilting Excuses

I teach quilting to anyone who will listen! One of the things that amazes me often is that there are excuses, barriers if you will, to learning how to quilt. Whether it is time, energy, money, or lack of equipment, I encounter people who would like to learn the skill, but have some sort of hangup. I know at times there truly isn’t energy and brain power to learn a new skill. But when the time is right, if you want to learn to quilt, there are ways to get around the excuses!


When I first started quilting many years ago, the cost of a sewing machine was prohibitive. It truly was an obstacle if you wanted to learn how to sew or quilt. Now, though, the cost of a good quality basic machine is much lower. In fact, if you can score a used machine from someone who is upgrading, you’re really in luck! However, after working in a sewing machine shop, I can tell you that the solution to your problem is much easier than you think. You can almost always take a beginning quilting class, and rent a machine from the shop. The cost on the rental is so low that you’ll have easily gotten around that obstacle. While you save pennies for a machine, you can learn the skill without one! Also, there is something to be said for quilting by hand. Take a class or get some time in with someone who knows how to do this, and you’ll be preserving a skill! If you’re searching for a machine, don’t discount the idea of buying one from an estate or yard sale. So many older ladies aren’t able to quilt anymore, and therefore need to part with their machines and supplies. I addressed some ways you can learn to quilt cheap or free in this post, too!

I hear the excuse often that there isn’t enough time. I’m no stranger to having young children, sleepless nights, and endless laundry piles. During those times, I knew quilting could wait, but that there would be time later for it, “Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.” I gave up tv long ago, too, to find a little more sewing time. There may be something you can rearrange or stop doing in order to have sew time. The myth is that you need a ton of time to make a quilt. Honestly, with modern methods, it isn’t that time consuming. When I start on a new quilt, I set aside an entire afternoon to cut out the pieces. (That chunk of the day used to be naptime and is now quiet time.) Cutting with a rotary cutter and mat is just a breeze comparatively, so a quilt can be cut in a few hours. Find a storage system, then store your pieces and pattern together while you sew on individual parts of the quilt. You only need an hour, here or there, to put a quilt top together. If you break it into manageable tasks, sewing can be a fun break from regular chores!



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