From the Barn

I love these farm girl Fridays! They remind me of plenty of fond memories!


A few years back, my sweet Mother-in-law was helping a friend clean out a barn where things had been stowed away for ages. The older lady who had passed was a quilter, and had plenty of fabric things in the main house to destash. However, the true treasure lay in the barn. My MIL found twelve metal trash cans full of vintage fabric and quilt tops. You know the kind of trash can with the tight fitting lid? See, down in rural Georgia, it gets hot and sticky and muggy. If you ever want to preserve your fabric stash, I hear metal trash cans are the way to go! Many things predated the dear lady who had passed, and some things were not in great condition probably when they were put into those trash cans. My thinking is that the departed quilter had inherited those things from other family members as they passed. The widower said to my MIL, “No one’s going to want those things!” My MIL thought of me, and gathered a bushel full of fabric, blocks, and quilt tops. Among the spoils she passed on to me was this red fabric. It must be from the late 60’s, early 70’s, as my own mother made a quilt out of it when I was very young. There are yards and yards of it, which makes it perfect for my Vintage Farm Girls quilt! I’m so thankful my sweet Mother-in-law thought of me when she saw those things! One of these days, I’ll show y’all the rest of the goodies she found!


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