The Quarter Inch

In 2010, my Mr. Wonderful bought me a Bernina.

Incidentally, this blog was started at the same time,

and I made the switch to modern quilts and quilt shop quality fabric.

It was a good spring!

Berninas come with a quarter inch quilt piecing foot, so it’s easy to get accuracy on them!

Before my Bernina, I thought I was sewing with a quarter inch seam.

Turns out, I was not, and my accuracy suffered.

Fast forward to this month, while my Bernina is in the shop for an extended time.

I have a small Singer Featherweight, 1951,

and I want to still be able to make quilt blocks!


See the painter’s tape?

It marks a quarter inch for me on this machine.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your quilting,

achieving an accurate seam allowance will do the trick!

When I’ve taken the time to measure, sew a test piece, measure, and then tape,

I’m able to get pointy points and nice intersections!

It really does make a big difference!

Happy {Accurate} Piecing!


2 thoughts on “The Quarter Inch

  1. Ahhh! That pesky quarter inch! I have a Pfaff 1475 which is really an amazing machine, but for years I used a quarter inch foot with a handy little guide alongside it. Great, right? NOT! It was horribly inaccurate! Ironically enough, right around the time I made the switch to premium fabric, I pulled out the standard quarter inch foot that came with my machine. Muuuuch better! You’re absolutely correct – that accuracy makes a world of difference. Nice post!


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