Goodbye Gilbert

Jonathan Crombie passed a few weeks ago.

He played a beloved character, Gilbert Blythe,

in one of my very favorite movies ever.

Given the fact that the movie series is completely sold out on Amazon,

many other people must love it as much as I do!


Each of the characters in this movie had something to teach me.

Anne was continually positive in negative situations, and used her imagination to ease heartaches and loneliness.

Gilbert was a stubborn fellow, but in a persistent, good sort of way.

Both were studious and competitive.

Matthew was stoic, kind, and spoke the truth in love when he did speak.

He very rarely voiced an opinion, but spoke meaningful things when he did!

Marilla was given the task to reign in poor Anne’s wild side,

which she handled with grace and dignity.

Marilla’s hard working attitude, and simple determination

are inspiring and worth emulating.

Those are just the main characters!

There is so much depth to this story, and so many good characters for a young lady to use as role models.

I’m thankful to have watched this movie and read the books several times as a young woman.


If you’re luck enough to get your hands on this movie series,

it really is good television!

One thought on “Goodbye Gilbert

  1. I fell in love with Anne as a young girl through watching the series first, reading the books later, so Jonathan Crombie was Gilbert before my imagination could formulate him in my mind. I was so saddened to hear of his passing. From what I’ve read, it sounds as thought Jonathan the person was much like Gilbert the character. Kind, hard-working, and rather gallant as well. I recommend getting your hands on the DVD set as soon as you can! I may have to pull it out and watch it today while it rains and I sew 🙂


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