Vintage Pincushion Tutorial

This “new” vintage pincushion was inspired by the many beautiful

vintage planter pincushions I’m seeing around the web!

They’re being made out of all sorts of lovely things,

to include egg cups, vintage planters, and jello tins. Fun stuff!

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while.

I went to several different places, and found some little,

inexpensive dishes at Pier One.


Then I made up a cute little hexy flower about the right size!


But something was off with it… looked too new.

So, I resorted to some bleaching!


The bleaching did the trick, made it look older than it was!

From here, I took my piece of fabric and cut it into a circle.

I took a long running stitch all the way round my circle, stuffed it, and sewed it closed.

With the help of some epoxy glue, the two items became this lovely pincushion!


I hope this inspires you to look for some small vessel in which to put a tiny pincushion!

Happy Thrifting!

ps. I’m linked with Raising Homemakers and

A Wise Woman Builds Her House!


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