Plans Change

My name is on the line for two last swap packages, both mini quilts.

One is complete, but the other is not.

Honestly, I found I lacked inspiration on the second one.

I was aiming for a pattern that was…….time consuming.

My first idea was an Orange Peel in beautiful

Anna Maria Horner fabrics {that’s the swap theme}.

After timing myself with one block, I knew I was in big trouble!


This single block took me 20 minutes to applique.

In a swap, there are deadlines, and if I sewed

each block at 20 minutes a piece, I was not going to make that deadline sanely!

I needed a new idea, and I turned to a simple flying geese pattern.


While these geese are small, finishing at 2 inches by 4 inches,

they are not time consuming!

The top is finished, so now it’s waiting for some quilting inspiration!

What’s not to love about rainbow order?

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