The Shaping of Christian Womanhood

I just read the news today that Elisabeth Elliot has passed away at the age of 88……

I didn’t know Ms. Elliot personally, although I feel as though I do! She was my mentor through a very tough year, unbeknownst to her! My mom and sister went to a conference that I was not able to attend, and bought me cassette tapes of the sessions. I didn’t have time to listen to them right away. I “found” time to listen when I was convalescing after my miscarriage many years ago. Who better to teach on suffering than a woman who had lost her husband tragically?

Elisabeth Elliot taught me a few important lessons! First, she taught me that raising my children was a humble but necessary profession, and that it was, indeed, holy work. She taught me that suffering was as simple as the human condition, brought into the world by the first sin. She taught me to be a mentor, even at a young age, because someone younger is watching! The lessons came at a pivotal time in my life, when I was reeling from miscarriage and wondering what to do next. I won’t ever forget how comforting those tapes were, and how my worldview changed through them.

I’m so thankful for Elisabeth Elliot. I’m so thankful she taught and wrote and shared what the Lord had taught her. May all our lights shine as brightly!

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