Radio Silence and Summer Happenings

I’m so sorry for being relatively quiet the past month,

also referred to as “radio silence’ or ‘dead air’.

It’s been a busy month since school let out,

which is a good thing in many ways!

I thought I’d give you a window into what I’m currently doing,

because it is both interesting and fun!


First and foremost, I’m knee deep in school planning.

Planning for three different grade and preparing my college student is a challenge!

I’m swamped with scope and sequence charts, curriculum parts,

fun worksheets, games, youtube videos, and interesting reading material.

Is this a process you’d be interested in seeing here?


Second, I am keeping up with my monthly quilty commitments.

In my Modern Quilt Guild, we’re doing a project

where we add to someone else’s quilt top every month,

along their chosen theme.

It’s been a challenge to think of new things to do each month,

fitting into what’s there, and what the owner of the quilt wants!


Third on my to do list is the Farm Girl Quilt.

This has been fun to play at for a while, and I love how the tiny blocks are coming out.

I’m way behind the actual quilt along, but I’m ok with that!

So, what are you up to this summer?


6 thoughts on “Radio Silence and Summer Happenings

  1. I’m working on “Crabapples” designed by Bonnie Hunter. I’m teaching a 4 week quilting design course to young sewing enthusiasts. And I’m trying to finish a couple of UFOs. I can’t believe one-third of the summer is over already. Sew much to do, sew little time.


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