Planners…..Who Knew?

I’m a Type A, listmaker sort of gal.


I went through a minimalist phase a few years ago,

and got rid of my home management notebook.

Silly me, I’d honestly thought I didn’t need lists and schedules,

that I could remember all those widgets without writing them down.



Earlier this year, I wanted a checklist while cleaning,

so that every task was either completed or at least acknowledged if it wasn’t necessary.

I resurrected my old style of planning, a simple home binder.

 Pinterest has some lovely pintables that match

and work for my needs.


In the past few weeks, I’ve begun learning about the planner trend,

and enjoying all the goodies out there for cute planning purposes.

For now, I intend to keep a simple binder style planner,

and see how it works for me.

Perhaps I’ll continue researching to see if something different might be useful,

maybe for next year’s purposes.


Also, if you’re looking for a school planner,

Etsy and Pinterest have wonderful printable things

that may help you plan your school year as well!

Do you use a planner? What kind and how do you like it?


2 thoughts on “Planners…..Who Knew?

  1. Both hubby and I have wall and desk calendars with large squares for writing in appointments. And I have a small book style calendar for my purse. I keep pads of paper on my bedside table, on my cutting table in the sewing room, and on the kitchen counter for making to-do lists. Lists – gotta have ’em!


  2. Aby, that sounds like a solid plan, too! I want to work on getting something useful in my purse for when that’s necessary, although I do use my phone calendar. Thanks for the input! =}


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