Free Motion Quilting Day

When last I posted,

I told you all that I’d be quilting again finally.

 I worked on some free motion during the day,

in hopes to finish this particular project.


As it turns out, between interruptions and realistic quilting,

the project is still far from finished.

Like life, sometimes our plans change,

and we have to just roll with it!

I love the meditative work involved in quilting a project.

{When people who make quilts say they are “quilting” something,

they either mean working on a quilt in general, or sewing the three layers together.

This is the latter!}

“Quilting” is quiet, not super complex work,

which makes it perfect for prayer time or general thinking time.

I’ve enjoyed spending some quiet moments today!

What have you been up to lately?

Does it involve any quiet time?

2 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting Day

  1. On Friday I Helped 4 Girls Sew Quilting Projects In My Sewing Room. It Was NOT Quiet Time. Lol. But It Was Fun To Spread The Excitement And Feeling Of Accomplishment Of Creating With Fabric!


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