A Quilting Plan

I did some quilting over the weekend in between life and other happenings.

What I did not do, however, is finish anything.

I was jumping back and forth between projects,

which is not the most efficient way to complete anything!

Later in the weekend, after not accomplishing as much as I’d like,

I realized I need a plan.


Mr. Wonderful always laughs when I say the word “plan”.

He says, “What is it with you and a plan, anyway?”

That makes me laugh, too,

because everyone knows you accomplish more

when you take five minutes to map it out a little!


My loosely formed plan includes

assigning a month of the rest of this year

to a quilt that needs completing.

I like attainable goals,

especially in the sewing room!


Quilting doesn’t just happen overnight.

It takes some practiced diligence.

In fact, I dare say it usually involves a plan of some sort!

I like to break my quilting down into manageable,

bite sized pieces,

which makes the whole process more fun!

If you take any goal, writing, quilting, household tasks,

and break them down into small tasks that can be done along the way,

you’ll accomplish a great deal!!


NOTE: The quilts in this post are from my Etsy shop.

If you would like more information, please contact me or visit my shop!


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