A Temperance Quilt Top

Recently, I’ve opened my Etsy shop up to finishing antique quilts.

Because of the generosity of my family members,

I have had the opportunity to finish several antique tops,

taking them from bits of fabric to finished quilts!

While perusing Ebay for other antique tops that were affordable,

I came across this beauty.


 I am not yet a fabric or pattern dating expert,

but I do know this T block was made often during prohibition,

the T being for temperance, and the blue color for drinking water instead of alcohol.

Upon further inspection, the blocks are hand pieced,

but setting, sashing, and borders are simple machine pieced.

Overall it is in beautiful condition,

well cared for and no repairs to be made.


I look forward to hand quilting this one,

although I doubt it will wind up being sold.

Mr. Wonderful likes it!

I’ll show you more photos when the quilting is finished.

I’ll have to look up what type of quilting is “period correct”!

Do you have any ideas about how to quilt it?


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