Sleepless Mornings

Many times on the weekend, I have a sleepless morning.

I wake around 4 am and can’t seem to get back to sleep until 7 or 8am!

Often, this poses the question:

What can I do at 4 am and not disturb my family’s sleep?


Hand quilting, writing, and praying come to mind.

I think I do some of all three on weekends!

This weekend, I’m working on the quilt you see above,

putting in careful hand stitching in diagonal lines,

which will create an x in each block.

It isn’t particularly difficult work,

as I’ve chosen a large pattern with no curves.

Hand quilting has a softness to it that I just love.

I enjoy a good machine quilted quilt, don’t get me wrong.

But sometimes, you need the slowness, softness,

and general realness of a hand quilting project.

It certainly fits the 4 am parameters! =}

Happy Sewing to you!

4 thoughts on “Sleepless Mornings

  1. This is a great idea if your eyes can focus at this time of the morning! I need some sort of hand project to do on our upcoming road trip to Texas! Maybe I can find something to hand piece, applique, or hand quilt.


      • Bonnie Hunter is encouraging her blog followers to make Tumblers quilts as Leader/Ender projects. I have a container of die cut Tumblers. Maybe I will hand piece several rows as we travel. Short, straight seams are not strenuous.


      • That would mean very little prep work for you before traveling, which is always a good idea! I recall seeing a tumbler quilt you made using your leader and enders at show and tell one month! It was beautiful!


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