He Keeps Me Singing

My husband and I recently had some friends over. Their cheerful attitude was infectious in our normally sober-minded household. One of the things I noticed quickly was that our friends sing here and there, just snippets of hymns. It’s a quiet thing, just joyfulness bubbling through. Since their visit, I’ve found it a useful practice!


When I spend time in joyful songs, I am worshiping the Lord. I’m submitting my heart to the Lord’s will for that moment. An upbeat song brings life to normal chores, and a quiet song can rock a baby to sleep. It is an act of will to choose to sing joyfully when things are not going according to plan, in particular.

Singing to the Lord blesses others. My voice is not a blessing to others, but my attitude is (hopefully) edifying to my family! By choosing uplifting music for our home, I am deciding to rejoice and be thankful for our lives, just as they are right now. Momma sets the tone for the family, and when that tone is uplifting, all is well in their hearts.

Music also reminds me of many wonderful Christians. Friends and family have favorite hymns, which are some of my favorite ones to hum around the home. My grandmother’s favorite hymn was “He Keeps Me Singing”. She was a great example because she loved the Lord and showed kindness and joy to those in her path. When I think of those hymns and songs, other people come into focus, instead of focusing on self.

I hope this encourages you to put a song in your heart!


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