Too Many Projects?

How many projects is too many?

It’s a question quilters have been asking themselves for ages.

From the looks of the many unfinished antique quilt tops I see,

I gather this is not a new problem!


At last count, I have nine tops hanging,

three piecing projects,

and two things in the process of being quilted,

one by hand and one by machine.

I also have a commissioned quilt for which I’m gathering fabrics.

That’s 15 unfinished projects

which I think is about 14 too many!

I love the simplicity of working on one quilt at a time,

so the goal is to get back to that!

Hopefully soon I can whittle my projects back down to a manageable number! =}


11 thoughts on “Too Many Projects?

  1. Ooops….just looking yesterday at my craft “closet” room, and how many projects are started and then left. Also, feeling the need to complete and clear some of the stack. Methinks I will always be working at keeping the projects down!


  2. This is the issue I am dealing with this week! The overwhelming number of unfinished projects! But at least you are doing something right? I am just trying to figure out where to start, After the hot summer I have gotten back to hand quilting and I do a little bit every day, but it will be a long time before I have a finish!


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