Studious Days

We just started our homeschool year back this week. In fact, it’s been a studious week for everyone, as Mr. Wonderful is working on the very end of his master’s degree as well. I loved school when I was young, an opportunity to learn and grow and interact with others! I’m hoping to impart that love of learning to my children, and teach them to always be studious and learning something new! My children taught me a few lessons this week, as we started a new school year.


First, they grow up fast. I know it’s trite, and that older people tell you that all the time. It’s SOOO true! My oldest is 20 and in college, my youngest is in the 4th grade. As we took “first day” pictures this year, it hit me that next year, I’ll only have two in homeschool…….and my time with them is short! I was surprised like most parents that my time with these wonderful young people is fleeting.

Second, they still need me. Sometimes it’s easy as parents to think our job is completed once everyone can walk, talk, eat, and dress. But my teens often need reminders to head to bed on time, to eat healthy foods, and to generally take good care of themselves. The children, who are mostly grown, still need a teacher of good things!

Third, after a long summer, I’m relearning how to prioritize. I can’t say I finished a ton of quilts or other projects this summer, but I spent that time with my family. Fall is usually the time to “get back to work” so to speak, even though we’ve managed to eat, sleep, be clean, and have clean clothing all summer. Now my schedule includes long hours each day dedicated to school time, and there are projects waiting on my attention during the weekends. As we adjust to the new time constraints, I must remember that the people in my life are the priority!

I hope your back to school days are going well, and that you’re enjoying the young people in your life!



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