Early Christmas Planning

It’s not too early to think about Christmas, is it?

I was always that one to bring out the Christmas music a little early,

so I’m thinking this is the perfect time to talk about handmade gifts.

You still have plenty of time, I promise,

so grab you a cup of tea or coffee,

and start thinking about items you can make..


The Christmas collections for the year are just hitting the store,

which means one of two things.

If you’re a “buy the latest collection” sewer,

those things will be in stock.

If you’re a “buy what’s on sale” sewer,

last year’s Christmas collections should be marked down significantly!


I have a pretty red and green and aqua stack of fat quarters

which are from a previous collections called Joy, by Kate Spain.

They’re waiting on me to decide on a pattern.

I also have some non-Christmas themed gifts

waiting on me to finish well.

We shall see what can be accomplished before the season hits!

If you’re looking for inspiration about what to make,

I wrote a series of Holiday Sewing posts last year.

They are a collection of 12 good gift ideas,

all linked together and waiting to inspire you!

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