The Time is Short

I have four wonderful young people in my life. I don’t mention them too often, after all this is a quilting (mostly) blog!

My older two are in college this year, although my youngest is still in 4th grade. All that said to say, I have a little taste of perspective on how fast the time flies with children. We’ve been “in the trenches” of parenting for twenty years. We’ve changed diapers and wrestled with wiggly little ones to put clothes on them or bathe them. But now, everyone in the house can dress and bathe without help. We held our heads above water when they were young, often reeling from long nights with infants and long days with the older children who needed us to be awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic. We homeschooled through two births and recoveries. We read books, and sang songs. We loved and laughed at what young children say. We cleaned up spilled flour, baby powder, cookies, and mostly milk.


Let me tell you, it was the best fun! If you’re a mom in the trenches, sill feeding and bathing, take a breathe right now and enjoy. Gain from my perspective and just enjoy those moments with your infant. You’ll look back and realize what precious times they were. I remember nursing babies and falling asleep with the little one in my arms. In the morning, you wake up dog tired, not really having slept at all. But those precious eyes look at you like you are the whole wide world. It’s worth every bit of the energy you put into it, every ounce of pain and work that goes into rearing Godly children.

I’m not done parenting yet. I have teens to mentor and love and be gracious with until they leave home. I have tweens that need some attitude help and a whole lot of patience. But when my time as a full time parent changes, I’ll have enjoyed it tremendously. I’ll be thankful for the life I’ve been given and the time with my young people!


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