Penny Patch Finish

Many moons ago, I started a quilt based on a quilt along called the Penny Patch Quilt Along. I loved the finished quilt that Rachel over at Stitched in Color made, and thought I’d sew along. The top was finished rather quickly, on time and along with everyone else who was making one.

Then it sat… and sat…. until this spring when my machine was in the shop. I thought I’d hand quilt it and try to finish it before my machine comes back. Haha! That might well have been realistic, except you can really only hand quilt for so long each day. It wears on your fingers, and my backside was none too happy either!


This weekend, it was time to finish.

I was almost done anyway, and found a few hours yesterday to get it within “spitting distance” of the finish line. All it lacks is binding, which will happen sometime this week, I hope!


I like to show you all finished quilts every now and then so that you’ll remember that it’s doable, even if you’re hand quilting your quilt!

Keep at it and don’t give up!


8 thoughts on “Penny Patch Finish

  1. Love your fabrics, it was certainly worth the wait. I love hand quilting though I do think it is worth it, it just takes ages. I love though curling up with a good movie in front of the television with my quilt and working on it it though. Hopefully you will tackle another one! The modern fabrics look really lovely in this quilt.


    • Thank you! Yellow is not in my normal range of chosen colors, but I just love the sunny disposition of this quilt! Yes, it was worth the wait. You’re right, what fun to relax a little and do things slowly on purpose! Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation!

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