5 Steps to Building a Stash

Quilters are notorious for having a stash of fabric “for a rainy day”. =} Here’s how to build one!



  1. Consider precut fabric. Precuts are designated sizes, and usually include one of each fabric in a collection. This gives you an instantly coordinated but slightly scrappy look. Similar to a cookie mix, it gives you all the necessary ingredients for a quilt!
  2. Try to buy only for your current project. Sometimes this step is hard! But fabric lines, trends, and your own tastes will change.
  3. Set a small budget for stash. This means you’ll have to choose what you like the very best, and only buy that.
  4. Grow your rainbow. Consider buying a rainbow fat quarter pack to start your stash, and then growing each color in proportion. You may not like orange, but sometimes orange is just the right color! Admittedly, I have more aqua than any other color, but I do love it!
  5. Buy your favorite. There is an abundance of quilt fabric out there. It’s all pretty cute stuff. Buy only what you really, really love. And the rest can live in the store or someone else’s stash!

All these things together will get you started on having a stash of fabric. If you begin to make lots of quilts and really enjoy the process, you’ll soon have plenty of scraps, too! Please remember two things when buying quilt fabric. First, you can’t make all the things. You must choose wisely! Second, the manufacturers keep making fabric. You’re always going to see new lines that are cute!

As I type this, I’m continually reminded that not everyone has the budget, space, or time for quilt fabric. It is, as they say, a “first world problem”. Since we’re fortunate enough to have a stash of fabric, let’s make a point to be thankful! =}


2 thoughts on “5 Steps to Building a Stash

  1. Another hint: When enhancing my stash, I look at the sale shelves in a quilt shop. I hope to find tone-on-tones because they will complement the prints in my current or future projects. I agree with you, purchase only what you really like. An “ugly” fabric, even when on sale, is still “ugly.” I realize, of course, that “ugly” is subjective.


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