Fall Decorating on a Budget

Fall decorating….many of us just get a little giddy over this idea! It’s so very refreshing to us and our families when we take a little time and decorate for the season. It takes time and energy, but little else!


When my husband and I were first married many years ago, there wasn’t room in our budget for expensive wreaths and garlands. It would have been easy to get discouraged about the lack of funds, but we made a point to choose to be thankful and happy. Those lessons in frugality and thrift have stuck with me and shaped my style, too!

Start with what you have. You may already have a jar, vase, or basket tucked away in a cabinet. If you’re just starting your married journey, you may be able to borrow from someone! Gather those items and see what you already own that may work well.

Go outside! I love nature, and it never fails that a twig, wildflower, or leaf will inspire me. A basket of pine cones, three small jars with some branches, a cutting from a scrub oak, and many other centerpiece ideas came from a willingness to just use what’s there and make it work!

Visit the thrift shop and dollar store. If you’re able to spend a little money on decorations, choose well. Thrift shops are full of vases, baskets, jars, and candle holders. When you are able to buy something, think about how you can use it in other seasons, too. I love a good mason jar, simply because it can be used all year long in different ways, and they are so inexpensive. My basic pieces for decorating are neutral colors, so they can be used often!

Sew something. It takes basic sewing skills to make potholders or napkins, and often your costs are very low if you’re willing to sew the item yourself. When you gain some confidence, you can make a simple table runner.

Change things around. If your budget is nothing this year, consider shuffling what you do have. You can take what’s on the mantle and make it a centerpiece, or group like items together on your table. This small step is such a blessing, and one I’ve used in lean times to brighten my home. You’d be surprised at how much it blesses your husband to have you take a few moments and put a feminine touch on your décor!


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