Laundry Soap Recipe

My laundry powder recipe is not new to the web; you’ll find lots of great recipes “out there” for laundry powder and liquid. This recipe happens to be what works best for us.

Laundry Powder Graphic


Yes, it really is that easy!

I’ve repurposed a large glass container-it was what I had on hand. My jar also holds an adorable spoon for measuring! The recipe calls for baking soda, but you could use Washing Soda instead. I usually have trouble finding washing soda, thus my substitute. I’ve also found that no matter what soap I use, this recipe works. Laundry soaps are great, like Fels Naptha and Zote, but Dove and Irish Spring work, too. When I double the recipe, it will fill the jar, which lasts my family about six months, and costs about five bucks. I walk right past the laundry aisle in the grocery store! =}

*Note: I have an HE washer, and I have to put this in the tray, not directly in with the clothing. If I add a little essential or fragrance oil into the large container, it usually gives us plenty of scent.

Happy Laundering!


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