Fall Cleanup

Do you clean spring and fall?


Right now, I need to do so, as the house is full of people who make messes, me included!

Inspired by having a general home binder, I made myself a cleaning binder recently. Among other useful things, it holds a cleaning checklist for each room, tucked in a page protector which makes them dry erase. My nerd heart just does backflips over a checklist that’s dry erase! =}


During the cleanup, I tend to assess my artwork, rearrange for the season, and take stock of the home and its needs. While homemaking, and especially cleaning, can be a daunting task, I find these checklists helpful to a somewhat ambiguous notion of a clean home. The list keeps me on track, as well as reminding me of things which need cleaning only occasionally and thus are easy to forget!


I hope this post explains a little of why there are very few quilting pictures lately. While I do get some sewing time in during the fall, it is often secret sewing, and I just can’t show ya! I’ll take a few pictures when I finish each gift, so I can post once the gifts are given. I hope you’re having a good fall, and that you’re gearing up for this lovely holiday season!

Happy Cleaning and Secret Sewing! =}


2 thoughts on “Fall Cleanup

  1. My house is always is fairly good shape, but YES there is CLEANING needed from time to time! Yesterday I spent hands-and-knees time washing the tiles in the laundry/back-door area. It’s amazing how icky they can get, and how easy it is to ignore it. Much better now. Of course while down there it’s also easy to see the top edges of the baseboards… And so it goes. 🙂


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