Farmer’s Wife 1930’s

Y’all know I’ve been sort of quilting along with the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Quilt Along? Well….I’m either ahead or behind, I can’t quite figure which!


The king size quilt called for 126 blocks, and there are only 99 blocks in the book. I finally faced the fact that even if I do each block in Quilt Along order, I will still need more blocks! I’m going to need to find, design, or repeat some blocks! Sometimes I like a challenge, so I jumped at the chance to create extra blocks this weekend. Here’s my game plan.

*Repurpose orphan blocks. I had a few of the right size blocks floating around my studio. They matched, so they’re in!

*Repeat blocks. I chose a few favorites, changed the color schemes completely, and voila, new blocks!

*Simplify the block patterns. By taking out triangles here, or making two pieces into one, I changed the look of the block, which gives me new patterns to spread around this large quilt!

*Make it up. I decided to design few blocks. Be forewarned, this requires quilt math!

*Outsource. There are a ton of books on the market with the same size block. As long as I stay in my color scheme, they’ll match pretty well! There is a “Farmer’s Wife 1920’s” book that is just right for extra blocks, or “Farm Girl Vintage” by Lori Holt, and “Victory Quilts” by Eleanor Burns. With this many sources, I’m sure there will be plenty of blocks to go around!

If you’re Quilting Along, I hope you’re having fun and this helps! If not, maybe you can use the ideas here to add to your next creation!


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