A Service Project

A friend’s daughter is taking a trip to a tropical country this summer. A group of crafty ladies are sewing up pillowcase dresses for her to take with her! We sorted and picked up fabric this week, along with elastic, bias tape, and printed patterns. It was so fun to mix and match colors and prints! I was inspired, so today I sewed up a little dress.


I’ve seen these dresses many times, but thought they were far more complicated than they are! I think from start to finish the dress took about an hour! With pretty trims and contrasting hems and pockets, they might take a little longer.

While this one has a little bit of frill, I plan on working on a few more that will be very pretty and girly. My imagination is captured, so I doubt I’ll be able to stop at the three I have cut out!

Are you working on any service projects this winter?

Are you interested in sharing the charities to which you normally donate?


3 thoughts on “A Service Project

    • I encourage you to try one, Pam! They are so cute and fun to sew! I’ve enjoyed finding different ways to make each one special. I think I’m up to seven now! =} I’ll post another picture next week of the bunch!


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