Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! As I make arrangements to celebrate the ones I love, I think about years past when Valentine’s Day was less than ideal.

My husband travelled for work during the Valentine’s holiday several years running. Anytime he’s away, we set a “do over” date, where we celebrate the whole day as if it were Valentine’s! We also celebrate in these extenuating circumstance by finding a special trinket for each other, or even by using Skype or Facetime to communicate. If you’re looking, there are ways to celebrate without a candlelight dinner, which isn’t always possible! The “do over” is great for holidays when one family member isn’t feeling well, too.

Some years we’ve had less to spend than others. On the lean years, we’ve found alternative ways to say “I love you”. We’ve made gifts and cards for one another out of unusual things. One year our plumbing was overhauled at a hefty price tag, so we had an “in house” date. We prepared a special dinner, decorated the dining room with the prettiest dishes we had, and put the children in bed early. We wrote each other long letters or poems when money was tight. We’ve also included the children instead of paying a sitter, choosing family time over traditional Valentine’s dates. Maybe family game night is better than eating at a restaurant anyway!

Celebrating the ones you love isn’t about fancy gifts, candlelit dinners, or outrageous spending. It’s a matter of making the effort to vocalize your love and appreciation for your family members! As the holiday is fast approaching, I encourage you to show your affection for your family. Choose to use whatever talent God has given you to bless your family. It’s such fun to plan surprises for each person!

Use what you have, whether it’s paper or fabric or limited funds for a gift. Make an effort, maybe making a meal or special treat. Set your table pretty, and tidy up the dining area. Use your pretty dishes, a candle, or silk flowers. Take a picture of yourself and put it in an inexpensive frame for your spouse. Write him a poem, or a letter, expressing your love and gratitude. Aren’t those items the ones we treasure?


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