Rainbow Bright Birch Trees

I began this quilt thinking it would be a good charitable endeavor. I chose solids from my stash, and pieced together scraps for the trees. My lovely daughter wandered into my sewing room and claimed it! She loves color as much as her mom, so it’s no surprise!


I found that I love the whole multicolored explosion!


It’s it amazing what can be done with scraps and stash fabrics?


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bright Birch Trees

  1. HI, Aby! I do have a couple of things that made this quilt easier! I chose to make my blocks 14 inches, because my square ruler is only that large. It helped me not to have to try to make larger squares than I had ruler! Also, when I was constructing, I didn’t make allllllll those strips of scraps at once. I made ten or fifteen strips, then made a few blocks. It kept the process interesting. It really was quick to make up, too! It sure was a good use of scraps and stash! =}


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