Service Project Ideas

I thought I’d share (again) some interesting sewing related service projects, in case you were looking for an area where you can both be a blessing and use your fabric stash.

For patriotic fabrics, Quilts of Valor are always appreciated and well loved. I spent years working for and with this organization, and I’m glad of it. It was truly an honor for me to both sew and award QOV’s. I could wax poetic about QOV, and I believe I already have on this blog! =}

Local guilds already have a system in place for local charities. I encourage you to join a guild! My guild is involved with QOV, Habitat for Humanity, a local women’s shelter, and children’s quilts for the sheriffs’ deputies to give as needed. There are a variety of local charities that involve sewing and quilting!

Little Dresses for Africa is a service project that is relatively new to me. I enjoy making dresses, as this is out of my normal routine of sewing quilts. Relatively speaking, they sew up so fast, and they are cute!!! In fact, it uses fabric in a different way than a quilt. When I make a quilt, I’m often looking for fabrics that look good when cut small. (I love detailed piecing!) A little dress uses a different kind of print. Large scale prints look particularly lovely made into a dress, and I’ve so enjoyed finding just the right fabric for dresses! While you are certainly able to make and send to Little Dresses for Africa directly, I’ll also be using these dresses as part of Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child is a service project for children. You choose items based on the age and gender of a child, then pack them all into a shoebox. In regards to fabric items, older girls in particular may be interested in a small sewing kit, with a coordinating scrap pack. Scraps can be used to make small items, like pincushions, stuffies, or zipper pouches. Doll quilts and clothing would be cute items to add, as well! For many years, my family packed four boxes, coordinating with my four children’s ages. By choosing fewer boxes, we were able to include some nicer items. OCC has a great Pinterest page filled with good things to add to the shoeboxes, so I encourage you to look there for inspiration as well!

I know I’ve asked you recently about your charity projects. How are they coming along? Do you budget a certain amount of sewing time to service projects, or just get right down to it when you feel inspired?




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