A Blended Nine Patch

**This is not a trendy quilt.**


I just figured I’d warn you, so you could read accordingly! My next quilt is going to be a look back to the past. The lovely nine patch squares in it were made by many other quilters, women who became part of the fabric of my life. (Haha!)

Before I moved a few years back, our local guild spent six months exchanging nine patch squares. It was an awesome idea, and the resulting quilts have been so varied and lovely. Whilst tidying, I found them tucked away in one of those “safe places”. You know the kind, the spot where you are sure not to find something again for a while!

I love this quilt already! It represent people that put time and energy into my life. It is a conglomerate of old and new, batiks, repros, and bright colors. They can all live happily in one quilt, it seems. I’ve hesitated to tackle the construction because I hadn’t decided how I wanted them set. Turns out, simplicity is best. This will be large enough for good and proper snuggling, and the sewing should go quickly. I love that it looks like a complicated Irish Chain quilt. Just wait until you see the spunky background color!

If you’re interested, a nine patch exchange makes a neat guild or group project. The directions are simple enough to write and print on one sheet of paper, and then everyone turns in one pack of squares. The number of squares is based on the number of participants, so, if there are 30 people involved, I make 30 squares each month to turn in. They get swapped around, and voila! Instant scrappy quilt! =}


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