Around the Frame

What mental picture do you see when we talk about a quilting frame?

We don’t often consider the frame alone, rather surrounded by quilters, huddled together over intricate piecework. A “quilting bee” used to mean a communal gathering, a group of friends and neighbors. Thus, the frame became a community of (mostly) women, of varying ages and skills, who were adding value to the life of the hostess.

I love the whole idea of a quilting bee. Before I started quilting, that’s what I thought  quilters did! The frame holds no magic, and neither does the fabric or thread. Even beautiful, tiny stitches have no special qualities of their own. No. The one element of a quilt frame that makes it worthwhile is the surrounding community. Without people, we’re just sewing. Without valuing the community, it’s just fabric. Without building one another up, it’s just a hobby.

What value are you adding to your quilting community? Can you teach? Can you perform a service for others? Are you encouraging new quilters? Are you fostering the kinds of friendships that withstand a lifetime of quilting bees? Would you like to see the bee make a comeback? =}







6 thoughts on “Around the Frame

  1. Hi Stacy,
    Well, your post really made me think this morning, as I take pleasure in reading and replying to posts written by those quilters I follow. For such a long time I had only the internet community to offer quilting companionship, through posts and podcasts, but last may I joined a Guild or club and it has enriched my life enormously. I love the American tradition of quilting bees and I would so enjoy being a part of one. Though I am not sure about working on a frame. I hand quilt in a hoop, but I am not sure if I could work on a frame, that is if you meant that litterally!! I love all these traditions, that is why quilting is more than a hobby to me. It is more a way of life.


    • HI, Jodie,
      I agree with you on several points! I would enjoy the friendship offered “around the frame”, but I’m not convinced I would do my best work that way! Thank you for stopping by and for adding to the discussion! =}

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