Utility Quilts

Do you make distinctions between utility and fancy quilts?


Simple squares and half square triangles make good, solid quilts for heavy use. A rag quilt comes to mind when I think of utilitarian quilts, something that is abundantly sturdy and can withstand wash after wash. I love a good basic quilt, and you can bet the majority of the quilts in my house fall into this category, especially those on our beds! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using a burst of your chosen colors to make quilts that will fit with a fresh, clean décor.

There will always be a place in my life for quilts that have a fleeting amount of lifespan, the kind that go in the wash every season or sometimes more often. Knowing which ones those are takes a little self-awareness! I’m considering allotting  a little of my quilting time making fancier items, but also to make plain quilts like the one pictured! My son loves the Star Wars quilt already, although it will have to wait for batting to be finished!

How about you? Do you make simple, utilitarian quilts for beds, especially for children whose tastes and interests change often?



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