Time for Homemaking

I’m taking a “back to basics” approach to my homemaking this week.

First, I’m making sure the systems of my home are running smoothly. Laundry and dishes are the two main things that come to mind. With six people in my household, those two things need daily and sometimes twice daily attention. Don’t get me wrong, many members of my household are doing their own laundry, but I’m still on the hook for some of it. I’m also making sure to have a plan for meals, which makes life so much easier at 5:00 in the afternoon! =}

Second, I’m sticking to a task for each day of the week. I’ve broken down all the tasks that need doing in my household into five major categories. Each day has a few major chores to be done that have become almost automatic. This includes my grocery shopping day, so that it’s also put on autopilot!

Third, I make a daily list. Besides everyday chores and weekly ones, this helps me remember things that aren’t normally on my list. This serves as a good place to put things that my husband has asked me to do!

If you’re struggling to make your home run smoothly, I hope these ideas are helpful! Sometimes it’s really good to assess what is and is not working in our routines!

What have you changed in your routines lately? Do you feel as though your home runs smoothly?







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