Cleaning Hours

There’s an article in Good Housekeeping UK that shows how things have changed in the last 60 years. The article says, with the dawn of convenient appliances, the hours spent cleaning have been drastically reduced. The article also states having a spotlessly clean home was a status symbol in the 1950’s. While I agree with the article for the most part, I have to marvel at my grandmother’s generation.

Recently, the Lord prompted me to take a look at my time management. My husband works at least 8 hours a day, plus a commute. In real terms, that means he puts in a ten hour day, every day, to ensure that we have a home, cars, food on the table, and a little leftover! Am I putting in that kind of time into my work?

Fifty seven hours a week is quite a lot of cleaning. However, my husband puts in 50 hours each week for our family. I’m prompted to look at my time commitments and rethink how I might need to spend my time. There’s no doubt I’m thankful for a washing machine and dishwasher, but I also know that things don’t magically clean themselves! While I do wear other hats, I’m inspired to clean a little more!

How about you? How many hours a week do you clean? Do you have other members of your household help you?




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