A New Iron

Over the weekend, my mid-grade, fancy iron started to smell of smoke. That’s not a good sign, so I put off sewing until I could find a suitable replacement.

I routinely (once a year or so) need a new iron. I’m not sure what it is about the method or frequency of use, but my irons have a short lifespan. I hope that will change, because I did the unthinkable. I bought the least expensive model I could find!!! 


This iron is the heaviest one I’ve used in 20 years. It’s called “The Classic”, and it was indeed, the least expensive one I could find. I’m actually a little excited to iron now, since it works so well. Hopefully I can use this iron more wisely? We’ll see about that one! =}


4 thoughts on “A New Iron

    • You’re right, they do seem to be planned to break, as many things are these days. It was inopportune……I wasn’t able to sew all weekend, and sometimes that’s the only time I’m able to sew! =} Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. My sampler group recently had a discussion about irons and it seems we all are constantly in need of new irons. We are in agreement to buy the cheap one since we have to replace so often whether we get better ones or cheaper ones. I decided to buy a rowenta model that doesn’t have the auto shut off but it had horrible reviews on the water part so I use it as a dry iron and have another cheapie for steam use.


    • The one that died was a mid-level Rowenta. Not an expensive model, but wow, I thought it would last a long time! I don’t use steam, rather a spray bottle with water or water and starch. This particular cheapie is working out well for normal wear and tear. It’s super heavy, and almost does the work for you! Good luck with your group’s irons! Let me know if there’s a consensus!


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