The Quilting “To Do” List

A “to do” list can be a blessing for those of us who have plenty to remember, and not quite enough brain space for every item! Often it stands to remind me that I am human and fail at my own attempts to check off everything. Mostly I love having full days! Other than strength from the Lord, the item that helps me get the most done is my “to do” list.

I used to make “to do” lists for quilting. But, it kind of took all the fun out of sewing!! Now, I’m a little loosey-goosey about sewing. I sew what I want, and generally try to have fun with it! Some days, I need a finish (YEAH for finishing!) Some days, I want hand work, a long term project. When I get the time to sew, I put it towards whatever I feel like working on. Because it’s a hobby. It’s suppose to be FU-UN!

What are you up to lately that is fun? Are you “winging it”, or do you have a “to do” list?


2 thoughts on “The Quilting “To Do” List

  1. I love lists! While I do have some lists related to my quilting projects, I prefer not to have a “to do” list and rather go with just having fun with the quilting. On a few things I have deadlines so those are a must though.


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