Wood Maintenance


Real wood. It’s some sort of sign of being a grown up, I think. Suddenly, the inexpensive discount store brand furniture looks, well, inexpensive. You begin to visit nice furniture stores, only to discover that a wooden table, like the kind grandmother had, is pricey!

Ah, but then, the lightbulb goes off. Secondhand furniture will fit the bill just right. Over the years, I have been the happy customer of many secondhand shops and individuals. The table pictured came from an antique store 16 years ago. For the table and four chairs, we paid $250. (Boy, that was a lot of money to us!) Here it still sits, given a place of honor in our kitchen. I would say that it was a very good investment!

In taking care of the lovely wooden surface, I’m reminded that I should share the techniques that help me keep our home. Today I’m using one simple ingredient to condition and refresh the wooden surface. Olive oil. Yes, the simple kitchen oil we use mainly for cooking. If I’m honest, mine is used mainly for frying chicken, yummm.

Today I’m taking a moment to clear the table, spread olive oil on it, and let it sit. In just a few minutes, I will buff the table to a shine, leaving the slightest film of oil on it. I will wait to put our normal decorations back until it has had a chance to absorb the last of the oil. Yes, it is that simple to take care of the wooden surfaces in your home!

You can get fancy and make up a spray bottle of olive oil and essential oils like lemon, but I didn’t have a spare spray bottle today. The simple method works just as well! Consider buffing with an old tee shirt or towel, something soft and absorbent, but that you don’t mind getting oily.

Hope you enjoyed this homemaking tip! Are you cleaning anything special these days, or getting ready for school to start?


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