A Day Spent in the Kitchen

205c67f86bea66354e31b4f4ea86207dMy day didn’t involve sewing.

I planned to sew today, to get in a few stitches before the end of a busy week. Often my sewing time lands on Thursday or Friday afternoons, once the week’s accomplishments are done. It truly is motivating earlier in the week when doing “less-than-fun” chores to think of getting a little time to sew in a day or two.

The Lord had other plans for me today. Last night our dishwasher was leaking, and we realized we couldn’t use it until it’s had a good once over. In a large household, that means by the time I had a few minutes to wash, there were three sink fulls! My sewing time went right down the drain with the murky water…..

Doing dishes has a funny way of centering me, though. As I washed, dried, and repeated, my thoughts turned to how thankful I am to still have people around to eat off those dishes. I scrubbed a bowl used to bake an anniversary cake for me and my high-school sweetheart. I washed out coffee cups from our afternoon “teatime”, at which we drink coffee. =} I washed and rinsed plate after plate of dinners eaten by my sweet kiddoes! If there were such a thing as being thankful for a broken dishwasher, I am today!



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