Linen Care

I love a good white sheet set. I’ve been known, much to the chagrin of my very manly husband, to buy white sheets with a six inch band of lace at the top and around the pillowcase edges. One of these days, hubby and I will have a free weekend to build a beautiful clothes line like this one.


Today I would like to share a method with you that I found floating around Pinterest.

Skip the bleach. Skip the hottest settings, unless there has been sickness. Use this method for the softest sheets! Line drying sheets makes them smell so very wonderful, but when that isn’t possible, for time or weather’s sake, try the Perma-press! It works a charm!

1 1/2 cups cheap white vinegar
1 tablespoon detergent
Warm wash
Warm rinse
Extra rinse
Perma-press dry

For those who prefer less commercial chemicals in their wash day, try my homemade laundry powder. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the way your sheets, even those lace or embroidered ones, come clean!



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