Homeschool First Day Ideas 

Shhh… I’m planning a surprise for my school age children! We start school this week, and I have a few ideas for making it fun!
1. Goodie jar. This includes some fun school supplies and some snacks for sustenance! 🙂

2. A Special Note from Mom. 

3. Breakfast waffles-these are a treat for busy week days! 

4. Game day. We’ll be starting early, so the first day will be a fun one!

5. Pictures-of course. 🙂

I plan on a few little surprises during the week, too, like hiding all their books and doing a scavenger hunt for them, a few special supplies for each child, and a fun lunch one day! We start earlier than our neighbors, so we have a week to really have fun with school. Besides, isn’t it supposed to be awesome? 

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