My Thrifty Week


Two of our vehicles need repairs at the same time. Our dishwasher isn’t working correctly after repeated attempts at repairs. We’re in need of a thrifty week or two in order to set things right. Instead of seeing this as a hardship, I saw this as an opportunity to be creative and enjoy the process of living frugally.

First, I stayed home most of the week. ( I didn’t have a car-haha!) Staying home means I was not out shopping, not tempted to buy what was “on sale” or “necessary”. Clearly there are things that aren’t necessary if I was fine without them all week!

My family is in the midst of canning salsa for the upcoming year. This process saves us several hundred dollars a year, so it counts! Aside from what we use ourselves, we  share and bless others.

We visited the thrift shop over the weekend. We chose wisely and were able to purchase a few pieces of clothing each that will carry us into the cooler seasons. Some of them need a little remaking, which sounds like fun!

Instead of visiting my local store full of very pretty pillows, I used fabric that was already in my stash to make pillow covers. The forms for said pillows were paid for from my Etsy shop earnings, my little “funny money” jar. If you’re in need of a quilt pattern, the funds often go towards homeschool books, little homemaking projects like the pillows, or to put into the family fund for times like these!

I cleaned. For the record, I normally clean my home instead of paying for that chore to be done. Often, when we as homemakers take the time to clean our home in detail, the look is refreshed without spending a penny on decor. If you rearrange a little when you clean, your home will look as though it’s been ‘redone’.

I mended. My youngest son has a propensity to tear his blue jeans. While they will never be ‘good as new’, mending them makes them warmer on cold days, so they can be worn around the house. He also had a few stains on clothing, and general mending needed. He’s all squared away now! =}

I used a clothesline, scrubbed at stubborn stains, and made homemade laundry powder. Between the three things, I saved money on energy, buying a new shirt, and detergent. Laundry can either eat much of your expenses, or it can save you many hundreds of dollars.

Update:the dishwasher is now repaired because hubby spent time fixing it. No money needed!



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