Treasures for Sale

Every now and then, I come across a glass treasure that is so pretty that I want to bring it home. I often do, and then realize my china hutch and cabinets are rather full right now of simple dishes that we use on a day to day basis. Thus the idea was born that I resell some of these things, close to cost! It puts buyer with item, and it pads the clothing needs fund.(Is it just me, or is that clothing fund ubiquitous for a large family? Seems like I can’t get one clothed before the next one shows up in holey or too short jeans!)

Well, without too much fanfare, here is my glass treasure shop on Etsy. I won’t be linking it to my quilting Etsy shop. It’s called Virginia Classics!

Thanks for taking a moment to go look around. I’ll be on the lookout for more pristine pieces for the shop in the coming weeks, so check back often!


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