What Am I Teaching?


What am I teaching? What can my daughter and I do to prepare her to be a grown woman, able to take care of all the responsibilities she will face? What “home ec” lessons can we share together?

We canned tomatoes. It was hot, sticky, and yummy work, but we canned salsa all the day long. We tackle our formal education early in the day, but when we’re done, we’re often working on household responsibilities together. My son took time learning about composting (our tomato leftovers) and chopping, as he enjoys that part of kitchen work. My daughter chopped, ground, and did dishes with me. We multiplied the recipe times three, so there were real life applications of fractions, decimals, multiplication, division, and measuring. All to make many, many jars of salsa. We gathered all ingredients and followed directions closely. My school age children learned that canning, unlike most cooking, needs to be exact in order to preserve the food well.


The learning possibilities of simple chores never ceases to amaze me. Whether out on a walk and talking about water cycles, using the mail to teach your children to spot scams and “advertising”, or canning a very exact recipe, your children can learn from what you do each day. Include them. Young moms, please?

INCLUDE your babies in every little thing.

Show them at two how to sort dark from light clothing. Show them how sweet clean sheets smell off the line. Teach them the joy of ripe tomatoes, the beauty of blooming flowers, and the loveliness of Mozart. Share with them all the wonderful things God has given us in this life. There will be plenty of things that come into your child’s life to discourage them. Let your home be a place of encouragement and loveliness and learning!!!


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