Fall Decor

Each year we pull out a box of Autumn decorations. We spread the fall cheer around and celebrate the cooling weather with scarves and longer sleeves. We try, when placing our decorations, to make them different and fresh each year. Here’s what we’ve come up with this season!


The hutch is always a spot where we seem to fit in just a few more decorations!


Add a pillow here or there.


And a well placed owlie.


Finish with some table decor, and you’re all set!

Incidentally, if you ever see one of these pumpkin baskets in the store,

I recommend buying it right then. We get so much use out of ours,

from napkin basket to flowers, it has been well worth the few dollars it cost!

Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth

I’m linking up with Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth,

The Art of Home Making Mondays Link-up!

10 thoughts on “Fall Decor

  1. I love your pillow in the rocker – it would be perfect for my home. And yes I love the pumpkin basket and most of all I love your hutch. No space for one in my small home but oh I want one just like that! Love your fall decor.


  2. Love your fall decorations – fall is my favorite season! But you must not have a cat because my cat would be all over the dishes in that hutch!


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