Thrifty Choices

Make it do! Wear it out! Use it up! Or do without!

Last week I wrote about needing to be thrifty. While our cars and dishwasher were fixed  inexpensively, I’m still in full thrift mode. In that spirit, here are a few thrifty things from my week.

I stayed home! Encouraged by last week’s savings, I stayed closer to home during the week! Most of my trips out involved the post office.

I sold stuff! I spent time listing and selling my Tula Pink fabric collection. Might as well share it with another quilter, and make a little breathing room in the fabric closet! I also listed some Christmas fabric! 


I shopped my fabric closet for an upcoming class! There was no need to purchase more fabric. I can make a little room in the closet, too! After studying the requirements, I decided on this out of print collection and even found the right background fabric. It’s so feminine and pretty!

We decorated for fall! We didn’t buy any decorations, only pulled out our things from last year. If you change them around and make them fresh, the same decorations look new! On a side note, we happen to really like fall around here! =}

I refashioned clothes! We have boring tee shirts, men’s dress shirts, and other various knit items that are getting remade. For a few dollars and a little time, each project is coming out cute!

What have you done this week to make do? 



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