Stars Workshop


My Augusta Cole workshop this week started off with some Last Minute Lucy moves!

I thought I’d completely settled on a lovely bundle of fabrics chosen from my stash.

When I went to cut them, my heart sank because there is no more of this fabric; it’s out of print. I was trying pretty hard to get over that hurdle, until I got totally sidetracked with two other bundles of fabric. Choice B was a gorgeous set of blues and greens, and choice C was a starter pack for a Quilt of Valor.



I was in limbo with this choice until late the day before, when I realized it was time to cut or not go to the workshop. As I got serious about my decision, I realized my background only really matched choice A, the pastels and pinks. I probably could have gotten away with putting off-white into a Quilt of Valor, but I like a darker colored background for those. I think it helps the quilt to stay cleaner. Just my opinion, of course!

I was up late cutting, but it was fun getting ready. At least my dessert “salad” was easy to prepare. I chose a Snicker salad recipe from Taste of Home. Wow, it tasted better than I remember! Maybe we’d just worked up an appetite at the workshop!




And my block looks pretty when finished!


If you would like to know more about Augusta Cole and her work, please visit her webiste or comment here! I’ll get you all linked up with her! She was a fantastic teacher!


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