Photo Struggle Solved


Are you struggling to keep your family photos up to date around your home? Friends, I’ll be honest with you, I so, so struggle in this area. With all the great things we do as homemakers, this one area seems to just be a glaring fault for me. Sadly, my family photos live on the computer and not with the family or our extended family.

Recently I was looking around over at Southern Savers. Jenny does a great job of gathering current deals and sharing. Photobarn deals are abundant right now. Photobarn is a Tennessee company that will take your photos and do pretty things with them. I especially love the wood plaques. The ones we’ve received are just gorgeous!! Photobarn even puts a cute bow on it if you want! =}

I’m excited that our favorite photos are being pulled off the computer and into our home. It really makes our home so much more inviting and pleasant! I’m getting such a blessing that I wanted to share! I heart Photobarn!

**Note-I’m not getting paid to advertise. I truly just love this company and what they’ve done with my photos. I hope it blesses your socks off, but I’m not an affiliate of either Southern Savers or Photobarn.


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