This hasn’t been as thrifty a week as I’d have liked. Necessary expenses came due, and so we paid them. That’s what you do, right? I’ve never understood the thinking behind not paying a bill when it’s due and you have the money. Nevertheless, there have been some good lessons in thrift from this week!

I paid the bills. (Haha! You knew I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass!) When payment is due, I don’t put off paying it when I have the money on hand. Not only does this make me a good steward, it makes good financial sense.

I washed dishes by hand. We’re still struggling with the dishwasher not being up to par. Instead of paying a repairman, we’re washing dishes. Instead of going to the store and buying a new one, we’re trying to repair the one we have. We can live without a working dishwasher for a little while! I think if my clothes washer broke, I’d really be in trouble. But then, I’ve fixed one of those before!


I’m preparing for Christmas. My thrifty mother-in-law taught me this advice when I was a young bride. She said, “Christmas comes every year. It’s not a surprise!” My mother taught me to work on handmade items for gifts year-round. So, we’re already making a list and checking it twice!

Speaking of Christmas, we’re following some thrifty rules again this year. We follow a simple rule for containing and simplifying Christmas. We do “three under the tree”. Each person in the household gets three gifts, small or large, under the Christmas tree. With four children, this keeps us from debt, consumerism, and toy sprawl. Some years, the price tags are smaller than others, depending on the budget. Other years are more abundant, with plenty of goodies in the stockings as well.

Lastly, on the subject of gifts in general, I would like to encourage you to keep a well stocked gift cabinet. It helps me so much to carve out a space just for gifts and gift wrap.  In my travels, I find fantastic deals on things my family would really enjoy. I tuck those away in the gift cabinet. All year long when I see something a family member would like, I go ahead and buy it. What a joy in late November to see half my shopping already complete, with things each person will really enjoy!


I think it’s time for some Christmas carols! I hope you’re having a wonderful fall day, and that you’re thinking of your own Christmas list. How have you been thrifty this week?





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