Looking Our Best

My two daughters are always encouraging me to try new makeup and hairstyles. It’s become a fun game we all play, trying new things. My younger daughter has perfected the winged eyeliner, while my older daughter is awesome at clothing choices. (I think I might be the hair person, but only time will tell on that one!) Some days we go to the thrift store and see what clothing bargains can be had to match our vastly different styles! Today we acquired a few inexpensive hair care products and spent part of our afternoon playing in the hair and makeup. We watched and used the tips from this tutorial for today’s experiments. It was fun, and I’m sure we’ll find other videos to share!

One of the things I hope to teach my girls with our fun hair and makeup sessions is that putting on a fresh face and looking your best are good things. We love a bargain, but spending a little money on self care is good, too. Whether married or not, that effort is healthy for you and those around you. It isn’t necessarily about impressing anyone, more a way of acknowledging that you are feminine and well groomed.

Many of my recent posts have been about thrift. The best thrifty way I know to change your hair and makeup routine is to watch a few YouTube videos. They allow you to take the makeup or hair products you already have and use them in different ways. Have fun being feminine and girly!



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