Pantry Day

We declared a “Pantry Day”, my daughter and I.

It wasn’t that there was so terribly much to do, but that our pantry had been bugging us both for a few weeks. It was, shall we say, out of sorts. It was making us out of sorts, too, when we had to fetch some necessary item! The salsa was haphazard, and the crackers weren’t all in one place. The paper goods were just plain all over the place, and we were vexed at the state of our pantry.

We started with the canned goods, methodically moving clean, unused jars into a better storage area. Then came the salsa, easily our favorite canned item. All the lovely little orangey-red jars were placed on the same sturdy shelf.  Cleaners, which had been erroneously mixed in with food items, were separated into their own area for further culling and consolidating. Light and bulky items were placed up high, while heavier items were put on lower shelves.

Together the task took us no more than two hours of an afternoon. What a difference those few hours made for our pantry. Now, it is wrangled back into a usable state, and my daughter and I have spent a pleasant afternoon working side by side.


2 thoughts on “Pantry Day

  1. The pantry cleaning reminds me that I have a kitchen cupboard that needs clearing and rearranging. What a nice opportunity for mother and daughter to work together.
    I really like your thrifty idea’s. Thank you for sharing them.


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