Man’s Shirt Refashion

I recently took a Brookes Brother’s man’s shirt and refashioned it.

The shirt itself was a good starting point, as I found it a lovely shade of blue, and very nice fabric. It was a thrift store find, and I was delighted to pay far less than retail!


It took some time, and some introspection about what I needed and liked in a shirt.


It winds up being a tunic on me.

Can you tell what all changed?

First, I shortened the sleeves. I knew I would need the generous sleeve material for the flair I wanted at the waistline. A cute box pleat, and my sleeves are fancy!


Obviously, I cut out the existing collar. I then used matching bias tape to turn under a slight edge and stabilize the new collar. After adding some lace, the new collar was fit for a lady! Now to turn my attention to the waistline! I carefully, almost painfully, cut up the side seam just enough to insert triangle panels on either side of the shirt, under the arms. That gives the shirt a feminine shape and completes my refashion.


With a wide belt, and a slim skirt, I have just the right fall outfit!

Have you ever done a clothing refashion? 


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